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Sworn Translation

Public translation, commonly known as sworn translation in Brazil, is the translation made by a public translator, also called a sworn translator.

The Certified Translator and Interpreter - correct name of the activity - qualified in one or more foreign languages and Portuguese, is named and registered in the Board of Trade of the state of residence after approval in public tender. Therefore, only natural persons can be sworn translators. Only the sworn (public) translation is officially recognized by various public institutions and agencies in Brazil and has validity as an official or legal document. According to Decree No. 13609, of October 21, 1943, chapter III, article 18, "No book, document or paper of any nature that is recorded in a foreign language, will have effect in the offices of the Union of the States and of the municipalities, in Any court, court or entity maintained, supervised or directed by the public authorities, without being accompanied by the respective translation made in accordance with this regulation.

We are specialists in translating certificates, diplomas, school transcripts and syllabus, and have already performed hundreds of translations of school documents from countless national and international schools and universities.

In addition to the school segment, we have more than 15 years of experience in the legal area and certificates that enable civil registration of births, weddings, immigration, etc.

The sworn translation services are valid throughout the national territory and we provide all the necessary advice for the validation of translations from Portuguese to English with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.